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Hard Times Coffee is a small batch roasting company, roasting since 2011. We offer high quality, grade 1, double picked and washed, coffees that are always custom roasted to perfection and FRESH! Our resident Master Roaster personally oversees and ensures the quality of each and every bean that goes into the roaster.

it's the simple pleasures in life...

We are proud to offer 
Swiss Water® Decaf Coffees

Go ahead and have that second or third cup!

Varieties Available in Ground, Whole Bean, iFillCup™, and more


We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and have been roasting coffee since 2011. Our Roast Master has an immense amount of knowledge and experience roasting premium artisanal coffees that are slow roasted to perfection and always FRESH! 


Our passion is coffee. We only use 100% grade 1 gourmet coffee beans in our pursuit of the perfect cup. It's this commitment to quality that enables us to offer bold, exotic and complex flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

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it's the simple pleasures in life...

Hard Times Coffee


Always fresh,

always 100% Grade 1 Gourmet Beans

and always quality guaranteed...

Why Whole Beans?

While whole beans may not be as convenient as pre-ground coffee, it's worth the little extra effort to grind them as you need them. Whole beans provide flexibility depending on use. You can grind extra coarse for cold brewing, extra fine grind for Turkish coffee, or any level in between.


The pay off?  You'll experience the ultimate in flavor and freshness. 

Drip Ground


Drip ground coffee is convenient and who doesn't like convenience? To get the best performance from your drip brewer it's very important that the grind has a consistent texture throughout the coffee.

Why let us grind for you?

After roasting, we let our beans rest before grinding. This ensures the  perfect quality and consistency "medium grind" that drip brewers love.

French Press


Why do so many people love coffee made with a French Press?  Coffee has natural oils that preserve and protect the flavor. Paper filters and plastics can absorb these oils, leaving residues that can ruin your coffee with mystery aftertastes. This never happens with a French Press. Also, your coffee doesn't burn while it's being kept hot. 

Grind level and consistency is key when using a French Press. Don't use an inexpensive home grinder, either invest in a burr grinder or let us grind it for you. Our French Press grind is evenly coarse so that your brew is crisp, never muddy.

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