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320 Series

Looking for frying equipment that provides the exact specifications and technology your food service operation requires? The customizable 320 Series Open Fryer is the fryer for you. Select the equipment design, vat size and configuration that best suits your food service program. Then, let this workhorse do the rest.

High Quality Engineering

Henny Penny 320 Series Customizable Fryer


OFE 321  1-well electric
OFE 322  2-well electric
OFE 323  3-well electric
OFG 321  1-well gas
OFG 322  2-well gas
OFG 323  3-well gas

OEA 321  1-well electric
OEA 322  2-well electric
OEA 323  3-well electric
OGA 321  1-well gas
OGA 322  2-well gas
OGA 323  3-well gas

Henny Penny Customizable 320 Series Open Fryer Overview

Learn More About Henny Penny's Line of Commercial Open Fryers

320 Series Features

  • High-performance multi-well frying

  • Built-in filtration

  • Fast temperature recovery

  • Auto-lift option

  • Computron programmable controls

Learn more about  how the  the 320 Series adds long-term value to your operation. 

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