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FlexFusion Platinum Series

Looking for equipment with greater capacity and intuitive controls to manage your food program? The FlexFusion Platinum Series performs the functions of a steamer, grill and convection oven—all in one!  All of your high quality menu items can be prepared fast and efficiently with this high-end Combi-oven.

Advanced Technology & High Capacity

FlexFusion Platinum Combi-oven


FPE 615  Electric
FPG 615  Gas
FPE 115  Electric
FPG 115  Gas
FPE 215  Electric
FPG 215  Gas

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FlexFusion Platinum Series

FlexFusion Gold Series

FPE 620  Electric
FPG 620  Gas
FPE 120  Electric
FPG 120  Gas
FPE 220  Electric
FPG 220  Gas

FSE 605  Electric

Space$aver Plus
FSE 610 Electric

FlexFusion Platinum Series Features

  • Chef’s Touch screen control system stores up to 350 custom cooking programs and enables management of equipment across multiple locations.

  • FlexiRack is an innovative racking system that utilizes longer pans for up to 100% increased cooking capacity.

  • DynaSteam2 boilerless steam distributes moisture instantly and evenly throughout, while saving energy with a no need for a wasteful boiler.

  • WaveClean technology automatically cleans and sanitizes to HACCP standards using 36% less water.

  • ClimaSelect technology maintains selected humidity levels at 10% increments for precise cooking.

Contact Hard Times Restaurant Equipment to find out how to make the FlexFusion Platinum Series the powerhouse of your commercial kitchen. 

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