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Food Merchandisers

Hot, fresh products are the heart of any food service program.  However, food is often only as good as it looks. Visibility and presentation are just as important as the quality of the food itself. How are menu items presented to your customer? Effective displays work for you by prompting impulse buys, making shopping convenient and keeping food hot and fresh.  If you don’t have a display that works for you, then Henny Penny’s line of merchandising equipment is your solution!

Henny Penny Merchandising Equipment

The right display and merchandising equipment can mean the difference in a one-time sale and a repeat customer.  Not only does Henny Penny’s line of merchandising equipment keep customers coming back, it solves your challenge of eliminating food waste.  And that’s not all—with food safety always a priority, Henny Penny merchandisers help maintain your HAACP program by protecting against inadequate holding temperatures

Learn More About Henny Penny's Line of Food Merchanisers

Henny Penny Food Merchandisers

Make your finished product looks as good as it tastes!

Versatile, efficient, and user-friendly merchandisers are customizable to support your unique food service program.
Hard Times is dedicated to helping you display products in a way that keeps customers coming back again and again!

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