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Liebherr Authorized Dealer

Commercial Food Service
Refrigerators & Freezers


Why Liebherr?

  • quality down to the smallest detail

  • professional grade

  • energy efficient

  • robust construction

  • sleek design 

  • easy to clean 

  • easy maintenance

It's not just a fridge - it's a Liebherr!
Opting for a Liebherr is making a choice for reliable operation, premium quality, and top design.


Liebherr offers all of the qualities important in professional refrigeration: high-quality components, maximum net capacity, efficient refrigerating capacity, reliable temperature consistency, and easy maintenance and cleaning. Above all, Liebherr commercial appliances stand out with industry-leading low power consumption, and maximum efficiency, providing you with round-the-clock reliability.


Liebherr Product Lineup

Liebherr is the best choice! 
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