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Velocity Series Pressure Fryers

Henny Penny’s newest Velocity PXE 100 pressure fryer helps operators do more with less —8-head capacity with less oil per vat, while saving time and labor as a result of automatic built-in oil filtration and top-off.

Choose the Velocity Series when you need a high-volume solution that saves oil, labor and time

Features of the Velocity Series pressure fryers

  • High volume–Industry-leading 24-pound/8-head capacity

  • Smaller fry pot–Cooks with 25% less oil per pound of food

  • Easy to clean–Rounded corners, seamless uncluttered deck for quick wipe down

  • Next gen control–Touch/tap control with large display and up to 160 cook programs

  • Automatic filtration–Drains and filters oil, jet-rinses pot after every load

  • Automatic top-off–Monitors oil level and replenishes from on-board reservoir

  • Plug-n-play drain pan–Easy to handle drain pan on casters, with quick-release connection

Save oil, FRY SMARTER!

The Velocity Series pressure fryer sets a new standard for performance and savings. When choosing the Velocity Series, you get nearly 4 times the oil life while reducing oil discards by 80%. These are huge oil savings! For your bottom line, this equates to lower labor costs and happier employees. But it gets better for everyone–The Velocity Series is actually more compact, user friendly, and easier to keep than our legacy high-volume pressure fryer. Plus, brand new touch/tap control, pressure lock design, lower deck and easy, one-handed lid lift mechanism make the Velocity Series pressure fryer a win-win.

Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Cooker

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4x Longer Oil Life
Automatic Oil Filtration
Automatic Oil Top-off

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