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Standard Pressure FryersVelocity High Volume Pressure Fryers

Standard Volume Pressure Fryers

The 500 and 600 standard pressure fryers offer 4-head cooking in a narrow width of less than 20″, while the 561 version features a deeper fry pot for additional capacity — up to 6 heads of chicken per load. Cook faster at lower temperatures and produce healthier, better-tasting fried foods, all while reducing oil consumption, labor costs and safety concerns.

Choose the PFE 500/PFG 600/PFE 561 when you have a normal volume of pressure frying demand or multiple items that need dedicated fryers.

Henny Penny Standard Volume Pressure Fryer

High Volume Pressure Fryers

The 591, 691 and Velocity high volume pressure fryers are the only pressure fryers on the market with the capacity to cook up to 24 lb (11 kg) of food in a single load. Fast recovery, higher throughput, less down time. This pressure fryer offers immediate savings on oil, energy, labor, and floor space compared to an equivalent number of smaller pressure fryers from other manufacturers.

Choose Velocity or PFE 591/PFG 691 for higher volume cooking.

Features of Pressure Cooker Fryers

  • Lid lock and seal–Patented lid lock and color-coded spindle makes it easy to operate fryer safely

  • Faster cooking–Frying under pressure seals in flavor, reduces cook time and temperature

  • Programmable–Computron 8000 with full programming and oil management features

  • Energy efficient–High efficiency heating elements produce fast recovery

  • Built-in filtration–Fast, convenient filtering improves productivity and extends oil life

Standard and high volume pressure fryers are the latest generation of innovative frying equipment from Henny Penny—the company that introduced the world’s first commercial pressure fryer more than 50 years ago.

Patented color keyed spindle, lid lock, frying management controls, rectangular fry pot with 7-year warranty, and energy efficient heat transfer that generates the industry’s lowest average exhaust temperatures are just some of the many advantages to using Henny Penny equipment in your foodservice operation.

You can’t beat the reliability of Henny Penny pressure fryers, and the ROI from serving load after load of great-tasting pressure fried chicken and among many other items in your food service program.

Patented lid lock system

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