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When a food program is diverse, you want to invest in as little equipment as possible to deliver consistent, high quality menu items.  From rotisserie chicken to seafood, fresh bread to pasta, Combi-ovens are compact, yet powerful enough to get the job done right every time.

Dry heat, high speed air, and full steaming capability pack a lot of punch into this versatile package.

Henny Penny Combi-Ovens

Combi-ovens solve many of the challenges experienced with traditional convection ovens.  Faster cook times result in less protein shrinkage, while steam spreads moisture evenly—both key features to ensure delicious, fresh tasting food. Henny Penny’s line of Combi-ovens delivers superior products in less time, with less labor.  Special features include an innovative racking system for up to 100% more capacity and automatic cleaning functions that eliminate grease, water deposits, and manual labor.

Unlike other commercial grade ovens, Henny Penny’s state-of-the-art Combi-ovens are capable of performing multiple cooking processes in a single, compact piece of equipment, saving you money and valuable floor space. Let Hard Times guide you through everything–from choosing the right model to programming the system in order to meet your unique food service program needs.

Learn More About Henny Penny FlexFusion Combi Ovens

Learn More About Henny Penny's Line of Commercial Combi-Ovens

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