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Trouble keeping naturally juicy products–like fried chicken, or poultry and meats–fresh and ready for serving?  The SmartHold Cabinet gives you the power to adjust humidity ensuring menu items are moist and fresh - extending hold times and reducing food waste. SmartHold also offers double hold times and the versatility to handle hard-to-hold items like pizza, rice, eggs, and more!


Delicious, Hot & Fresh Food On Demand

Henny Penny SmartHold


HHC 990  Full size
HHC 992  Stacked
HHC 993  Half size
HHC 980  Full size

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FlexFusion Gold Series Features

  • Patented closed loop control maintains any humidity level between 10% and 90%

  • Separate humidity/temperature set points and programmable countdown timers

  • Proofing mode eliminates the need for separate cabinets

  • Digital control panel display

Pair the SmartHold cabinet with a FlexFusion Combi-oven for double the proofing and holding power!

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