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340 Series

Searching for a large capacity fryer that’s powerful and efficient? Look no further than the 340 Series Open Fryer. This fryer maximizes surface area to volume for more consistent results with all the crispy items that float in your food program. With the 340 Series Open Fryer, you get reliability, higher throughput, lower energy costs, safety, and incredible convenience.

Performance & Efficiency

Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer


OFE 341 1-well electric
OFE 342 2-well electric
OFG 341 1-well gas
OFG 342 2-well gas

OEA 341 1-well electric
OEA 342 2-well electric
OGA 341 1-well gas
OGA 342 2-well gas

Henny Penny 340 Series
Large Capacity Open Fryer Overview

Learn More About Henny Penny's Line of Commercial Open Fryers

340 Series Features

  • Computron programmable controls

  • Vat design maximizes frying surface area for more even cooking

  • Built-in filtration

  • Auto-lift option

  • High-limit temperature protection

Learn more about  how the 340 Series solves your capacity needs with more even cooking. 

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