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Evolution Elite

Want to save money on oil, improve operations and maintain consistent food quality?  The Evolution Elite series of open fryers may be just the solution. From freezer-to-fryer starches to proteins and other menu items, the Evolution Elite series produces superior quality food in less time with less oil.

Advanced Open Frying Technology


  • EEE 141  1-well electric

  • EEE 142  2-well electric

  • EEE 143  3-well electric

  • EEE 144  4-well electric

  • EEG 241  1-well gas

  • EEG 242  2-well gas

  • EEG 243  3-well gas

  • EEG 244  4-well gas

Henny Penny Evolution Elite Open Fryer with Smart Touch Filtration

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Evolution Elite Features

  • The Oil Guardian™ system monitors oil levels and replenishes when necessary without manual oil disposal.

  • Smart Touch Filtration™ improves oil quality with the click of a button—in as little as 4 minutes—improving employee productivity and ease of use.

  • iControl™ is a user-friendly, intuitive interface that stores multiple cook programs along with many other fully customizable features.

Want to know more about how the Evolution Elite helps you fry faster and smarter?  Contact Us!
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