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Pressure Fryers

Commercial pressure frying is similar to open frying, except that once food is placed into the pot of hot oil, a lid is lowered and sealed to create a pressurized cooking environment. Since the boiling point of water is raised under pressure, the product retains moisture and loses less of the juices that make it so flavorful. Pressure fryers are faster than open, deep fryers, especially when cooking in higher volumes.

When choosing among commercial chicken fryers, you want equipment that will seal in the moisture and flavor, while keeping excess cooking oil out. This is what produces a healthier, more deliciously tender final product for your customers in significantly less time. A pressure fryer is the ideal way to cook freshly breaded, bone-in items like chicken, and other foods with natural juices.

Why Choose Henny Penny Pressure Fryers?

For more than 50 years, Henny Penny has been leading the way in fryer innovation. The following unique features are synonymous with Henny Penny pressure fryers…

  • Automatic built-in oil filtration systems–extends oil life and reduces the effort required to keep fryers clean and properly functioning

  • Rectangular fry pot design–promotes tumbling which results in consistent, evenly heated products–the first of it’s kind in the pressure fryer market

  • In-house manufacture of control panels–ensures every pressure fryer is equipped with the most capable, effective and safest system possible.

Why Pressure Fry?

Henny Penny PFE500-PFG600 Pressure Fryers

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