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Open Fryers

Countless menu items in both fast food and high quality food programs are fried—fried chicken, french fries, appetizers, finger foods and other crispy-when-done products.  These items in particular require specific preparation to produce that perfectly crispy outer layer without leaving behind any oily residue. Open frying is an innovative method for cooking many freezer-to-fryer foods and large batches of bone-in items.

Henny Penny Open Fryers

Challenges with traditional fryers are easily overcome with Henny Penny’s innovative and extensive line of open fryers.  One key characteristic of every Henny Penny Open Fryer is the built-in automatic oil filtration system.  This standard feature alone reduces effort by foodservice employees, extends oil life and improves operational efficiency.  Other special features and advantages include faster temperature recovery, programmable touch controls, USB support for controlling equipment in multiple locations, and much more.

Packed with advanced controls and features, this compact, user-friendly fryer is capable of producing cleaner, higher quality food for customers who will taste the difference and want to come back again.  At Hard Times Restaurant Supply can help you with your installation and more - we help you gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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